Beaded Necklaces

Beaded Necklaces
Details Gushing smoky elegance, this necklace by Nareerat is designed to accessoriz..
$96.44 $40.32
Details Known as Inti Raymi, the Incan sun god is depicted at the center of this ne..
$73.85 $21.98
Details Featuring an impressive array of green quartz, cultured pearl, and petite g..
$75.67 $32.63
Details Seven sumptuous blossoms nestle amid clusters of sweet blue beads. By Naree..
$152.87 $96.56
Details Goldstone's brilliant hues find a complement in handcrafted beads. Francis ..
$100.85 $56.77
Details Peru's Teodoro Melendez and Family replicate the legendary masks of the Moc..
$165.14 $120.62
Details Sasina draws her inspiration from the beautiful flowers in the Thai city of..
$78.06 $38.45
Details Thailand's Anusara devises a festival of gemstone colors for the design of ..
$85.95 $32.74
Details Pearl's pristine purity meets garnet's passion in a design that evokes pure..
$129.38 $78.27
Details By Indian artisan Tishita Jain, this necklace will add a touch of fascinati..
$74.01 $21.74
Details Evoking the verdant Mamiri forest reserve, Tina Quaye celebrates nature wit..
$207.70 $160.37
Details Like joyous sunlight, citrine transforms this necklace into a celebration o..
$93.62 $40.99